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Timberline Entertainment provides quality, complete entertainment services for weddings, school events, corporate events, and private parties.  With music, karaoke, lighting, event photography and more, Timberline Entertainment has exactly what you need to help make your event shine. 

We're not DJs. We're Entertainment Directors.
We play great music and keep the dance floor moving. But that's just the start of our end-to-end entertainment service designed to make your special event a night (or day) to remember. 

We specialize in working with our clients to create a music atmosphere that meets the exact needs of every event. When needed (weddings, large corporate functions, etc.) we help plan and manage every entertainment element of your event. We work with all your vendors to make sure everything is in order and coordinated. Our DJ is also a professional event host, which means that every time the microphone is on, an experienced pro is handling your announcements and special recognitions.




At Timberline Entertainment, we are more than DJs. Our job goes far beyond just playing music at your event. We are Entertainment Directors - it's our job to make sure that the music at your party is great, but also that your announcements are handled clearly and professionally, and that any elements of your event (such as cake cuttings and toasts at weddings or CEO addresses at corporate events) are handled smoothly.  We specialize in making your event comfortable, fun and memorable.  


Pat has 20 years experience as a television personality, radio personality, DJ and emcee.  He plays the tunes, makes announcements, and handles technical details.  Laneigh handles event planning details, song requests, and mixes with the crowd (as appropriate).  As a team we can provide more interactivity and personality to your event than a lone DJ you might hire through other services.  

We pride ourselves on professionalism, from event-appropriate attire to music choices to quality entertainment.  You can rest assured that we will work with you on music, venue and event planning to make sure your occasion is a success.  

We are not a multi-op business. Meaning, we don't have several jobs every day, where we send out hired staff to manage your important event. Pat and Laneigh are the owners and operators; you'll meet and work with them start to finish, from event planning through actual event itself. 

Timberline Entertainment is a member of the ADJA (American Disc Jockey Association) and adheres to its code of conduct.  We are a fully insured mobile entertainment business serving the Denver metro area, northern Colorado and southern Wyoming.  

One last note: We're not beat-mixers or scratchers.   Those types of DJs, often called a "turntablists", "battle DJs", "performance DJs", or "competition DJs" are exceptionally talented, and we have a great deal of respect for their skills and abilities.  But that's not what we're about. We specialize in creating a fun, comfortable atmosphere that you and your guests will enjoy and remember. 

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Choosing Your Music

Timberline Entertainment has a wide selection of music to fit most any occasion.  Our library spans genres - CHR, AC/HAC, Dance, Country, Urban, Rock/Alternative, Jazz, and more - and more than enough to keep your event moving! Does your party have a theme (60's, 80's, Beach Party, etc.)? We can handle that, too! Whether you want to keep the dance floor hopping, or you need background music for cocktails and dinner, or both, we've got you covered.

To Choose Your Music - click here.

A Word (Or A Few) On Lyrics and Content 

At Timberline Entertainment, we pride ourselves on providing entertainment that everyone can enjoy. Part of that responsibility is to take care that the music choices are appropriate for the audience. In popular music today, there are many songs that include strong language and suggestive content (sex, drug use, violence). Even edited versions of songs - with the objectionable lyrics removed - may still contain content that is inappropriate for many events. 

For school-based events, we will not play songs with overtly suggestive content, even if the lyrics are edited. For private functions, we will work diligently with you before the event to determine the makeup of your guests and what is or is not appropriate based on your needs. As a matter of general policy, we do play edited versions of songs and tend to steer clear of overly suggestive content. Although we will - of course - play what you desire and will work with you to determine the best choices for your event.


"We are so thankful for our choice to have Timberline Entertainment as our DJ! Their help made for an unforgettable wedding and guests keep telling us how much fun they had!"


Please use this form to contact us with general questions. For event quotes, please see the "Our Services" section above, and click on the appropriate option.

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