Professional DJ or Ipod event? The answer depends on your expectations.

Sure, you can hire an inexpensive, amateur DJ or get a buddy with an iPod and a set of speakers to "DJ" your wedding. But before you do, please consider the advantages of a professional entertainment company.

A professional DJ or Entertainment Director will:

  • Provide you with a written agreement for services

  • Explain all costs up front, and have no hidden or surprise fees

  • Be a member of a certified professional DJ organization, such as ADJA or NAME

  • Be fully insured

  • Have professional-quality equipment

  • Carry back-up equipment and back-up music

  • Be an experienced host, able to handle your announcements and introductions in a professional manner

  • Offer you unlimited consultation prior to your event, to make sure everything is planned out and runs smoothly

  • Be dressed appropriately for your event

  • Plan out music styles or choices in advance, listen to your requests, and NOT PLAY songs, artists or styles you don't want played

  • Have experience with your type of event, and be willing to provide references

Timberline Entertainment offers all of the above and more. But whether you hire us or another professional service, the consideration of a professional is what's important. Yes, a professional entertainer costs a bit more. But why trust your event to anything less?

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